Swearing-In Speech (Fixed) – by @cyopro

Photo credit: Jamaica Gleaner

Photo credit: Jamaica Gleaner

Editorial note: Most of us may have witnessed Prime Minister Simpson Miller’s inauguration address on January 5, 2012. In case you missed it, you may see it here, or read it here. However, since that time, the actions of the current administration under her leadership does not lend credence to the beautifully sounding words uttered that day. They say hindsight is 20/20. The short script below is what the speech may as well have been, given all that has unfolded over the past year and 10 months. This was done by writer and blogger, Claudia (@cyopro).


The Jamaican people have sent a clear message. They want better. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. We will be a government that lacks transparency; that treats ppl with contempt. J’cans should expect nothing more.

By my watch, it is eat-a-food o’clock. We see your trust and we raise you our personal goals. Can you spell IWF?

If you don’t respect us? Pshhh! The nation’s biz is to mind its own business while we take care of our business. On my watch, we will turn a blind eye to corruption and stonewall every push for accountability. It is critical the J’can people understand we have our own agenda. (No Law & Order: SUVs.) A jus so di ting set.

Whether you want to believe this is up to you. Give us time. We are about to transform Jamaica.


“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

THINK, Jamaica.

– @MizDurie, @cyopro, @THINKJamaica

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