The blog:

The purpose of this blog is to take a close look at key messages that arise from the rhetoric and discussions surrounding social and political life in Jamaica. What are the key messages that we take away? What, exactly, are the speakers saying? What do they want us to hear? And what do we do with the message?

You may follow THINK Jamaica on Twitter – @THINKJamaica, or “Like” the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thinkjamaica.  You can also email THINK Jamaica at thinkjamaica@yahoo.com.

The face behind THINK Jamaica:

About me 2

Durie Dee is a spirited and passionate young woman who advocates for justice, fairness, balance and objectivity. Having racked up years in serving her local church and community as a coordinator and collaborator from the tender age of nine, she naturally gravitated to positions of leadership and influence as an adult. She has done significant work in the areas of: violence against women; domestic partner abuse and youth justice and rehabilitation. Her strengths, training and skills in social work and sociology have enabled her to make a positive difference in many lives through her work in Rochester, New York; Manchester, Jamaica, and, at present, Toronto, Canada. Durie Dee has her ear to the ground on many issues facing Jamaicans, among them, economic and social disparities; political impoverishment and the untapped Jamaican potential. She can be relied upon to demonstrate resourcefulness, tenacity, frankness and an indomitable spirit in raising awareness of, and dealing with, these and other issues.

Durie Dee has a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Sociology (Hons.) from State University of New York and a Master’s in Social Work (Hons.) through a full scholarship from McMaster University in Ontario. She founded the THINKJamaica page on Facebook in January 2012, providing politically-provocative commentary. Her letters to Jamaica’s daily newspapers are frequently published. She has also appeared on NewsTalk 93 and Nationwide Radio, having been invited to share her views on topical issues. At the outset, she was the sole host of the SYMJ Radio show (via Spreaker radio), providing commentary and fielding views from the listenership, and has since been joined by a co-host. She has been dubbed president-elect of her coined Jamaica Twitter Civil Society and goes by the handle: @MizDurie.

Her faith in God is strong and she enjoys the support of family.

Mishka the cat allows Durie Dee to live with her.


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